Què esperar de la fira?

Aquesta fira intel·ligent es dedica a ajudar estudiants com tu a descobrir les nombroses oportunitats educacionals disponibles arreu del món. Et connectaràs amb representants d'universitats, escoles d'idioma, instituts, agències guvernamentals, i moltes més institucions internacionals.

Les EDUEXPOS ofereixen una gran varietat d'opcions i per tant, trobaràs el programa per estudiar a l'estranger i la destinació de la teva propera aventura!

Tota la informació que necessites està a un sol lloc

Escoles i Universitats

Parla cara a cara amb representants d'escoles i universitats d'arreu del món en un mateix lloc.

Despeses i beques

Coneix tot sobre les despeses i la beques disponibles per estudiar a l'estranger

Moltes opcions de programes

Troba els millors programes disponibles per tu i que s'adaptin als teus plans

Ofertes especials

Coneix les millors promocions i descomptes especials disponibles al teu mercat.


Aprèn més sobre els diferents tipus d'allotjament i les despeses.


Uneix-te als seminaris gratuïts amb coneguts directors del mercat educatiu internacional.


Més informació sobre els diferents tipus de visa de les embaixades oficials i aprèn com escollir la millor per tu.


Descobreix més sobre els avantatges d'estudiar i viure a l'estranger en més de 100 destinacions diferents d'arreu del món

Per què Eduexpo és una fira única en el món

Institucions de qualitat

Triar la destinació per estudiar a l'estranger és una decisió important. Uneix-te a les EDUEXPOS de la teva ciutat i parla amb institucions de qualitat d'arreu del món.

Tecnologia Intel·ligent

Viu l'experiència de formar part de la fira més tecnològica del món. Descarrega't l'app d'EDUEXPO i connecta't amb escoles abans, durant i després de la fira.

Presència arreu del món

Com la fira més gran del mon, EDUEXPOS ha ajudat a més de 100.000 estudiants a trobar la seva propera destinació per estudiar a l'estranger

EDUEXPOS, les fires d'estudis a l'estranger més grans del món

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Troba allò que estàs buscant

EDUEXPOS és la fira educativa més completa del món. Només a les EDUEXPOS trobaràs tots els diferents tipus d'institucions i programes disponibles arreu del món.

Tipus d'Institucions

Universitats, Instituts, Internats, Escoles d'Idiomes, Agències i Agències guvernamentals.

Tipus de programes

Programes d'Idiomes, Institut, Llicenciatura, Diplomatura, Postgrau, MBA, Intensius, Pràctiques i Online.

Descobreix més sobre

Au Pair

Estàs buscant una expeiència diferent a l'estranger? T'agrada cuidar nens? Els programes d'au pair poden ser la teva millop opció. Uneix-te a la fira i descobreix més!

Oportunitats de feina

Imagina que tinguis la oportunitat no només d'estudiar a l'estranger sinó que també de saber com es treballa en un altre país. Sona bé, oi? Uneix-te a la la fira i descobreix més.

"Invertir en viatjar és
invertir en tu mateix."

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Exeriència d'estudiar a l'estranger

Més que un lloc on anar, estudiar a l'estranger és una experiència que s'ha de viure. En el cas que encara no estiguis convençut, fes una ullada a algunes de les raons de perquè pot canviar la teva vida d'una vegada per totes.

7 raons per estudiar a l'estranger

Guanya una experiència de vida

Passa per una gran quantitat de situacions diferents, aprèn com solucionar els problemes per tu mateix i sigues més independent.

Coneix gent diferent

Coneix gent de tot el món amb diferents cultures i mentalitats. Aprèn noves coses cada dia i fes amics.

Estudia i aprèn d'una manera diferent

Viu una nova manera d'estudiar. Aprèn 24/7 no només unint-te a les classes sinó que també sortint amb els teus nous amics.

Tingues un pensament global

Converteix-te en un líder amb una ment global, aprèn sobre cultures, política i sistemes econòmics d'altres països i entén com funciona la seva indústria.

Empapa't d'una nova cultura

Obre la teva ment per a noves cultures. Troba menjars increïbles, tradicions i costums, i una atmosfera social, Tingues l'oportunitat de viure un nou estil de vida.

Desenvolupament personal

Descobreix-te a tu mateix guanyant comprensió amb cultures diferents. L'experiència d'estudiar a l'estranger provarà les teves habilitats per adaptar-te a situacions adverses i la teva capacitat per solucionar els problemes.

Una destinació no és un només un lloc, sinó que és una nova manera de veure les coses

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Connecta't amb escoles d'aquesta i altres parts del món


"My international experience via a study abroad program in Brazil was fantastic. Being directly exposed to the culture, language and customs of the country helped me to obtain a more expansive understanding of Brazil and better my abilities to communicate in Portuguese. Before living in Brazil I lacked the pragmatic comprehension of the possibilities that become available to those who have not only learned to speak the language but have also taken the time to build relationships and make friends with the Brazilian people. Study abroad programs are incredible opportunities and those who has the prospect of participating in one should take full advantage of it."


"Canada is just incredible. I spent six months in Vancouver to improve my English skills and I could experience a beautiful, hospitable and peaceful place. The country combines all the best you can get during your exchange. The public transportations are great and there are always lots of free events organized by the city. During my study abroad program in Canada, i had the chance to meet people from all over the world, explore the most beautiful landscapes i've ever seen and also experience what is like to live in one of the most livable cities in the world. It was amazing!!!"

United States

"Studying my Master Degree in Colorado, USA was an amazing experience. It helped me with my teaching career by letting me absorb the different techniques used in the US. During my experience I listened and observed others point of view which made me think critically in many areas of my study. I made lifelong friends and I wouldn't trade my memories for anything. I'm happy I took the leap to study abroad because it has made me a stronger person."


"Are YOU looking to study abroad? This may be one of the most difficult decisions you will have to make, there are so many beautiful places to visit. I will never regret to have chosen Mexico, the country with the most delicious food I've ever tasted and with endless tourist activities. I traveled from north to south, visited beaches, archaeological ruins, indigenous communities and modern cities. I also had the opportunity to study in one of the best universities in the country. For all these reasons, it has been one of the most complete experiences of my life. So if you want to visit some amazing places, learn about Latin America and try new dishes then Mexico is the place to go for exchange. Do not hesitate, every student should go on a study abroad program!"


"Being abroad is one of the most wonderful things that a person could do. I've been in Chile for about 2 months and I wouldn't change my decision in any moment. The main purpose of my trip was to make a shift in pediatrics but I've learned more than that. Being far away from family, experimenting different daily activities, using another system of living, challenging yourself to do stuff you've never planned to, all that helps you acquire many tools for being independent. I've faced challenges that have helped me grow in many aspects while I was still able to have fun exploring beautiful and exciting places."


"Studying English in London was an exceptional, extraordinary, incomparable and unforgettable experience in my life. Undoubtedly London is the ideal place to improve your English skills while enjoying your time with the vast variety of activities that this city has to offer. Some of them even for free. This multicultural hub also allows you to learn a variety of traditions and cultures from almost all over the world. From the bottom of my heart, I do recommend studying English in this extraordinary city. I can assure that studying in London will change the way you see English."


"During the second semester of 2015 I had one of the best trips of my life so far; I had the pleasure of taking one semester at the University of Bordeaux, in France. Aside of the hard work of getting used to the language I had the chance of exploring the city. Bordeaux is crossed by the river "Le Garonne", creating a very cool environment for students and young people to hang up. With the streets full of bars, pubs and restaurants, I had the chance to taste some of the best wines in the world. Inside the city I could move easily from one place to another taking the tram or even riding a bike. One of the most magical places is "Le mirror d'eau" down of the center of Bordeaux, a perfect place to have pique-nique (the French traditional way of having lunch). The city’s church is one of the most beautiful churches I've ever seen, is called \"Notre Dame\" as Paris’ one."


"I spent 7 years studying in Germany, during high school. Although German is not a world language, the country has a lot to offer to foreign students: top-class education (be prepared to work hard), an incredible cultural heritage, a sustainable lifestyle (cycling to work or uni is a favourite), and nice food!"


"For me going to the Netherlands through an exchange program was not only a matter of learning a different culture but also about getting to know amazing people and discovering myself. The greatest learning I had was looking at what life really meant, uncovering the different dreams of all the people I met from around the world. "


"During the first semester of 2015, I did a 6 month academic exchange in Alcoy, Spain. It is a small city located between Alicante and Valencia but it has a good university and beautiful landscapes for those who enjoy hiking. Valencia is also an awesome city, do not miss their paellas and the Museum of Arts and Science. I enjoyed my time in Spain for several reasons: The rhythm is different than in France, people that I met were very welcoming and “La siesta” (the nap) is mandatory !"


"This past month, I had the great pleasure of studying Italian in the beautiful city of Milano. Renown as the worlds capital for fashion and design, it is also an ideal place for a student to learn the Italian language and culture. The streets are filled with bars, cafés, shops, and restaurants, making it easy to apply and practice the language in everyday situations. To change things up, I often enjoyed reading, exercising, and walking in one of the cities numerous stunning, vibrant public parks. From the heart of the city, almost everything worth seeing is a walk away. For longer trips, a robust metro system makes traveling a breeze. I particularly loved the "Museo nazionale della Scienza e della Tecnologia," the largest science and technology museum in Italy, dedicated to the great Italian inventor Leonardo da Vinci."

South Africa

"Cape Town Here I go! That’s how started my journey in South Africa. Aside of being a cheaper destination to study English when compared to the other main destinations worldwide, South Africa offers a unique range of beauties and surprises to those who decide to live there. The South Africans are one of the most friendly people I’ve ever met, I couldn’t felt more at home than when I first got there. It was truly an incredible experience. During my time there, I had the chance to explore so many beautiful places, practice some different radical sports and also taste some of the typical south African foods and drinks!! Among of many different attractions in Cape Town, I really recommend the Lion’s head, Table mountains and the long Street!!!!"


"They say that the further you travel, the closest you are to yourself, and I have to say I know it for a fact after traveling from Colombia to Russia for a volunteer program. Getting out of my comfort zone, challenging myself to understand how other people's cultures and minds work was in fact life-changing. Put that together with seeing places as historically relevant and beautiful as the Red Square in Moscow, or the Winter Palace in Saint Petersburg, and you have the experience of a lifetime. I've always liked to travel, and my 6 weeks in Russia made me fall in love not only with traveling, but with the people you meet along the way. I met beautiful and talented individuals from India, Lithuania, Hong Kong, Mexico, and various regions in Russia, and from each and every one of them I learned a valuable lesson that I carry with me to this day. So, if you asked me what I would invest my money and time in, my answer, without a doubt, would be traveling, working to help other people, and putting myself in diverse environments."


"India has great things to offer you in terms of education and history. Though my experience in india was not so smooth, I did learn a lot. I had to overcome many problems while I was there but those problems made me a stronger person. When I saw the good and bad things happening in India, I would always remind myself that I was indefinitely stronger. This experience has taught me so much."


"During 2012, I had an incredible experience while I was learning Chinese on Beijing, the capital of China. That city has magic! Among all of the glorious temples, sculptures and many touristic places like the Great Wall of China, the experience is breathtaking. Chinese people are kind and have a friendly interest on foreigners, this allows a very well treatment towards us. They show themselves really happy at introducing foreigners to the whole Chinese culture, but they’re also always willing to hear about other nations. Besides the cheaper living costs compared with USA and European Countries, you’ll also have the opportunity of learning a language that's completely different to what you're used to. Those things and more, make Beijing a good choice for an exchange and having a wonderful experience!"


"I am currenly doing my Master thesis in Japan which is so called a land of the rising sun. In my experience, this country is truly amazing and one of the best choices for studying abroad. English is the main language I use here for my studies. In common life, most of the time, I have to use both, my basic Japanese and body language to communicate with locals. Eventhough English is not so popular here, till now I have not faced any major problems. Japanese people are always willing to help foreigners with full of kindness and hospitality. It is not surpising that Japan is the best destination worldwide for me."

South Korea

"Studying in Korea was one of the best decisions I've ever made for myself. As a business student I wanted to discover new perspectives and explore the dynamics of international markets. Being in Korea opened new opportunites for me and gave me the confidence to think outside the box. I made countless memories, met incredible people and gained life skills I will carry throughout the rest of my life"


"Australia is one of the most beautiful countries I have ever visited. Those super natural landscapes and exciting activities in Australia are definitely some of the main reasons why I want to go back there again. I studied in one of the language institutions in Brisbane, and it was a great experience. Instructors were very talented, and the school had lots of experiences in teaching as it has been established for a long time. During my time there I had the chance to meet students from all over the world, and learn their different cultures. Another fascinating fact that makes Australia attractive to international students is that a student can work while studying. By working part-time job, You can not only save money, but also helps you to improve your English skills. I worked at a coffee house in the city after the school, and had about a month trip to New Zealand and other cities in Australia with the money that I made."

New Zealand

"Studying abroad opens up a new world; you encounter new people, new languages, new surroundings, a new environment and most importantly, a new you. The time you spend away from home is when you get to discover the other side of yourself you never thought was a part of you. Coming up on my 10th year in New Zealand I can confidently say that moving there is one of the best decisions I've made in my life. Don't study abroad to see new places...do it to learn more about yourself!"

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Get advice on everything you need to start your new journey overseas

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És la teva oportunitat per trobar el teu proper

destinació d'estudis a l'estranger

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Abans d’enviar-nos un missatge, fes una ullada a les FAQ que hi ha a continuació:

Abans de l’esdeveniment
Com funciona exactament l’esdeveniment?

L'EXPO és la més gran i important fira al Brasil per a qualsevol persona pensant en estudiar a Austràlia i Nova Zelanda. Per participar-hi, només ha d'iniciar sessió a la www.eduexpos.com.

Durant la fira, pots parlar directament amb els representants de les principals institucions educatives i agències governamentals a Austràlia i Nova Zelanda, que respondrà totes les preguntes sobre els estudis en aquests dos països, com ara el sistema educatiu, àrees d'estudi, opcions per a cursos d'anglès, escola secundària, cursos tècnics i diversos programes universitaris.

L’esdeveniment és gratuït?

Sí, només t’has de registrar i imprimir la invitació per presentar a la recepció

Puc portar acompanyants? També s’han de registrar al web?

Sí, els acompanyants són benvinguts. Per accelerar l'entrada, l'ideal és que tots feu el registre previ individual online. Si no és així, els acompanyants es poden registrar ràpidament a la recepció presentant un document d’identitat.

Hi haurà material, com ara fullets, perquè jo distribueixi els meus amics / estudiants?

El nostre màrqueting és, bàsicament, tot online. La informació completa sobre l'esdeveniment, incloent informació sobre els expositors, es pot trobar al web. Pots compartir aquest enllaç a través de missatges de correu electrònic i xarxes socials.

Sóc professor i m'agradaria portar els meus estudiants. Tots necessiten inscriure’s o amb la meva inscripció ja n’hi ha prou?

L'ideal seria que tots fessin el registre previ individual online. Si no és així, s’haurà de fer un registre ràpid a la recepció, presentant d'un document d'identitat.

Necessito imprimir la invitació o puc portar-lo guardat al meu telèfon / tauleta?

Pots portar l’arxiu guardat al teu telèfon o tauleta.

Vaig fer la meva sol·licitud, però segueix com a PENDENT. Puc assistir a l'esdeveniment?

Sí, pots assistir a l'esdeveniment. Hauràs de donar alguna informació a l’entrada. Per comprovar si la inscripció s'ha realitzat correctament, si us plau, introdueix el teu correu electrònic registrat.

Els meus pares vénen amb mi. S'hi han d'inscriure també?

Els pares/mares que acompanyin als seus fills i no tinguin la intenció d’informar-se per ells mateixos, no cal que es pre-registrin al web. Se’ls demanarà la informació al teulell d’acreditacions de l’entrada a la fira.

Sóc pare/mare, he fet la meva sol·licitud i vull portar els meus fills a l’esdeveniment. Els he de registrar?

Els menors que vinguin acompanyats per un responsable registrat no cal que s’inscriguin prèviament. amb el registre no cal inscripció prèvia en el lloc. Se’ls demanarà la informació al teulell d’acreditacions de l’entrada a la fira.

He perdut el correu electrònic de la invitació. Puc obtenir-ne un de nou?

Sí. Per fer-ho, si us plau, escriu el e-mail registrat.

Em vaig apuntar a la ciutat equivocada. Puc canviar?

Sí, només cal que facis una nova sol·licitud indicant la ciutat que vulguis.

Vaig trucar a l'hotel i em van dir que no saber res sobre l'esdeveniment, s’ha confirmat?

L'esdeveniment està confirmat. Per assegurar els llocs, dates i horaris, si us plau visita: www.eduexpos.com

No puc arribar a l’hora d’inici de la fira. Puc arribar després?

L’horari és lliure, o sigui, pots venir a l’hora que vulguis, dins de l’horari marcat per a la realització de l’esdeveniment. Et recomanem que no vinguis molt tard perquè tinguis temps de visitar totes les institucions que t’interessin.

Com puc modificar la meva contrasenya?

Si vols canviar la contrasenya, si us plau visita el teu perfil a www.EDUFINDME.COM i Les Meves Preferències> Configuració> Contrasenya> Edita.

Durant l’esdeveniment
I would like to know if there is anything for a specific career/ course of study. Is this possible?

Yes, you can consult the list of institutions that will be present at the fair, access their profiles and inform yourself about the specific opportunities they offer. Go here: www.eduexpos.com

Puc entrar si no estic registrat?

No, no pots. Necessites registrar-te online o a l’entrada de l’esdeveniment.

Les conferències són en català?

Alguness s'imparteixen en català, castellà i algunes en anglès. Per obtenir més informació sobre l’idioma de la presentació de cada conferència, si us plau mira la llista de seminaris de la teva ciutat www.eduexpos.com.

Només parlo portuguès. Hi haurà intèrprets que m'ajudin a comunicar-me amb les institucions?

Els expositors de la fira poden comunicar-se en portuguès o dependre d'intèrprets per ajudar a la comunicació amb els participants.

Hi ha sectors d’oportunitat?

La informació sobre els valors, formes de pagament, possibilitat de descomptes i beques l’obtindràs directament dels representants de les institucions durant l'esdeveniment.

L’esdeveniment té zona d’aparcament?

La informació de l'estacionament allà mateix o a prop de l’esdeveniment s'ha de fer directament amb l'hotel / centre de convencions.

Els participants a la fira disposen de transport?

L’EXPO no ofereix transport des de/cap a l’esdeveniment.

Després de l’esdeveniment
Is the material offered during the fair available online?

To find out more about the study abroad programs you can contact with institutions present at the EDU EXPO. You can do this by creating your profile in EDUFINDME.com so that you can find out about all our events online in which you can participate. Go here: www.eduexpos.com

After the event do you offer an attendance certificate?

Yes, all you have to do is to provide us with your full name, email, date and place of the event in which you participated in.

How can I keep in touch with an institution after the event?

If you visited a booth during the event and let them capture you barcode on your badge or on your EDUFINDME.com/EDUEXPO APP, then that institution will be part of your network of contacts within your EDUFINDME.com account. You can access all the exhibitors information you networked with during the event in your EDUFINDME.com account.



Agències guvernamentals